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Our team at Thoreya Audiology is well aware of the life-altering consequences of hearing loss. Our singular goal is to help you restore the integrity of your hearing and alleviate the sense of helplessness that hearing loss can bring. That's why we work hard to provide you with cutting-edge audiology services. 

It is very important to maintain your hearing capacity to ensure that your quality of life is as good as it can be. We are proud to provide our patients with comprehensive hearing aid, hearing loss prevention and auditory services that work for their lifestyle.

It takes an average of seven years for people to seek treatment when they fear they may have a hearing loss. There's no need to hold off. In fact, the sooner it is discovered, the more likely it is that some can be done to help.

Hearing loss is a challenging experience for anybody, which makes finding the right hearing care professional all the more crucial. For years, we  have served the Lehighton, PA community. We guarantee outstanding service to our patients with the very best in hearing loss evaluation, hearing testing, and hearing aid selection. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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Hearing Tests

A hearing appointment with us is a significant first step on the path to better hearing. Hearing tests are performed with professionally installed test equipment in a private, specially built facility for hearing tests.

  • We begin with a comprehensive medical history examination, particularly in relation to your family's hearing loss history. We also look for evidence of chronic work and noise exposure, any drugs medically prescribed to cure previous illnesses and any noticeable damage to your ears.
  • The next step is to inspect your ears with an otoscope, a unique instrument to see into the ear canal.
  • We can conduct several different tests to monitor your hearing abilities. Once your headphones are ready, we will start to play sounds at different volumes and frequencies.  You are also asked to repeat words and phrases played by us in a separate test.

During your study, we will track your performance closely, recording your reactions, hearing levels and timing. The outcomes of this test allow us to assess your hearing level, listening ability, and response time in order to fully understand your existing hearing loss or other hearing disorders.

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Anyone who has ever had a ringing or buzzing sensation in their ears understands the impact tinnitus can have on our daily life. Tinnitus has different effects on different people. Tinnitus is usually detected by the individual, although a hearing professional can detect it in some rare circumstances.

Many things can cause tinnitus, including:

  • Noise-induced hearing loss 
  • Certain medicines 
  • Age-related hearing loss
  • A build-up of earwax

We realize how this condition can have a significant impact on your quality of life. When it comes to tinnitus treatment, we strive to provide you with highly personalized service. Because everyone's tinnitus is distinct, we'll review your case, perform an ear examination, and, if necessary, provide hearing tests to get a better picture of the nature of your tinnitus.

To analyze the nature of your tinnitus and audiological profile, we begin by reviewing your medical history and run various diagnostic exams. These tests are used to determine the type of tinnitus you have, the tone of your tinnitus, and any hearing loss that may be exacerbating your symptoms.

Our treatment aims to help you live your life again free from that annoying ringing sound.  Schedule your tinnitus treatment consultation with us in Lehighton, PA.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Although hearing aids have come in leaps in bounds over the years, the fact remains that they are still electronic devices that require maintenance and the occasional repair. Devices suffer significant wear and tear, even when they are looked after in the best way. Bring your devices to us if you have a problem that needs fixing. We have all the tools required to assess the issue, and in many cases we can repair them in-store. Larger issues need to be sent to the manufacturer.

The price for repair depends on the warranty of the device. Those still under warranty will be repaired at low cost or even free in some instances. Those without a warranty will incur a higher charge.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is the biggest source of preventable hearing loss worldwide. One way that noise can seriously damage your hearing is through a single exposure to a high level of noise, like a firework going off close to your ear. But hearing loss is more likely to gradually occur at much lower noise levels, based on a high level of exposure over a long period of time. 

While you can buy one-size-fits-all hearing protection at the drugstore, earplugs work best when they fit to your exact ear profile. We sell custom-fit earplugs which can be tailored to the exact shape of your ear. Unlike conventional earplugs which tend to slip out of place, our custom-molded earplugs offer a comfortable, stable fit to guarantee they don't fall out.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are aimed at giving you the ability to understand clearly in a range of situations, like small group environments or in public areas where extra amplification would be useful.

There are several types of assistive listening devices designed to improve sound processing for those that need the help. Some are meant to handle larger environments like schools, theatres and airports. Other kinds are designed for smaller settings and one-on-one conversations. You don’t need a hearing aid to be able to use one - they can be used independently of any hearing device.

We carry a wide range of assistive listening devices with different features to better suit your needs, from versatile Bluetooth neckloops that connect to your phone to FM systems designed to help you hear better wherever you need it. Whether you want to boost your hearing when watching television or catch up with your friends, we're excited to help you find the device that speaks to your lifestyle.

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