Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

Since 1956, Widex has followed its passion for sound to create the most true-to-life, dazzling audio quality of any hearing aid on the market. Widex’s commitment to pure sound has made them the choice of many classical musicians, including their board of “sound ambassadors”—Brian Jackson, Dominique le Gendre, and Ida Riegels.

Denmark is widely regarded as the home of high-fidelity, where companies like Dynaudio Acoustics and Digital Audio Denmark produce some of the world’s most stunningly accurate sound reproduction technologies. Widex shares this commitment to bringing the most lifelike sound possible to their hearing aids.

Widex is as committed to an environmentally healthy future as they are to pure sound. Their headquarters in Lynge, Denmark has been exclusively powered by wind and solar energy since 2010.

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Widex’s MOMENT line of hearing aids offers lightning-fast digital processing. Typically, the latency that is built-in to digital audio processing means that the sound that reaches your eardrum from your hearing aids lags slightly behind the sound coming in naturally. While this discrepancy only constitutes a few milliseconds, that’s enough to confuse our brains and produce a tinny sound from our hearing aids.

And wearers agree! 95% of hearing aid wearers who tried Widex MOMENT said the sound was “natural and clear.”

While other companies rush new technologies to market, Widex carefully balances the new with the commitment to absolutely pure sound. If new technology means that latency must be increased to accomplish the processing, Widex maintains its commitment to the purest sound imaginable. What’s the point of a new technology that promises to improve intelligibility when it ultimately makes the sound less natural? That’s confusing to our brains and doesn’t translate to better hearing!

Widex hearing aids

MOMENT allows you to connect to all iOS and Android devices to stream content without accessories, providing perfectly natural sound for phone calls, video and music wherever you find yourself, just like a high-quality set of earbuds.

The mRIC model in the MOMENT line is the world’s smallest rechargeable RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing aid, providing discretion along with powerful, high-fidelity sound wherever you may go. They come with the Widex Standard Charger, though some wearers choose to upgrade to the Widex Charge n Clean, which keeps your hearing aids clean and dry, which helps them last longer.

MOMENT is available in BTE (behind-the-ear), RIC (receiver-in-canal), and ITE (in-the-ear) body styles with multiple tech varieties in each style, and 13 colors to match skin tone or provide some flair! Intuitive apps let you control your programming when necessary, and available accessories include the Perfect Dry Lux hearing aid dryer, TV adaptors, and RC-DEX remote for those who prefer not to use a smartphone.

Widex Evoke


Widex EVOKE is the world’s first smart hearing aid. Using artificial intelligence, helps you hear your best in every situation you find yourself in, automatically. It knows the difference between classical and pop music. It knows the difference between a work meeting and a party. It keeps up with you wherever you go and maps your environment, using the Fluid Sound Analyzer to determine the programming needs of your current environment.

The powerful EVOKE smartphone app allows you to take control when you want to, letting you fine-tune the sound for a particular environment. While the AI can handle most of what you’ll encounter, you can always make the adjustments you want. And the more you use it, the better it gets! EVOKE learns about how you use it over time, so it evolves to deliver what you want from it over time.

EVOKE is available in all typical hearing aid body styles, and 13 colors to give you the freedom to match your skin tone or express yourself. Accessories include the Perfect Dry Lux hearing aid dryer, TV adaptors, and the RC-DEX remote for those who prefer not to use a smartphone.

Other Models

Other Models

Widex also offers the UNIQUE line, which still offers connectivity with smartphones, automatic program adjustment, and wind noise reduction. UNIQUE is available in four technology levels to suit your lifestyle.

Widex also offers the Widex CROS to assist those with unilateral hearing loss.

Talk to your audiologist about which Widex model will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

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