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Signia's parent business, Sivantos Group, has a history dating back to 1878 when the company Siemens was founded. Werner von Siemens invented an amplified telephone receiver during that year after noticing how difficult it was for persons with hearing loss to understand on the phone. Signia's hearing aid products carry on Siemens' tradition of helping others.

Siemens has been known for inventing high-quality listening technologies throughout its history. The company invented the first behind-the-ear hearing aid in 1959. They are however best renowned for developing a digital hearing aid with two directional microphones and a waterproof hearing aid.

Sivantos recently acquired Siemens Hearing Devices, and the Signia name is now being used for their newly introduced hearing equipment. Since then, Signia has launched several high-quality hearing aids, such as the Celion, Primax, and Styletto.

Signia Features

Signia provides high-end capabilities in a wide range of hearing aids to help persons with hearing loss. Here are some of the qualities that make Signia hearing aids stand out:

The Xperience platform: Traditional hearing aids assume that the wearer is stationary and can only hear what is directly in front of him or listen to his surroundings. Signia Xperience is the first hearing aid network to deviate from this standard. Unique acoustic-motion sensors and groundbreaking YourSound technology enable the platform's outstanding sound processing. It identifies when the wearer is in motion in any setting for the first time and monitors more sound aspects than ever before to deliver the most natural and tailored sound.

Own Voice Processing (OVP): This is a feature of Signia's Nx platform that allows users to accurately duplicate the natural sound of their voice while using hearing aids. By handling speech signals from the user's mouth, completely independent of their acoustic environment, OVP provides the most natural all-round hearing experience.

MyHearing App: The MyHearing App from Signia allows you to contact your hearing health provider to fine-tune settings remotely directly. This reduces the need to go to the hearing clinic, which is a blessing during these times.

Hearing Aids



The Signia AX hearing aids provide an unrivaled hearing experience that goes beyond prior natural-sounding hearing aids. This improved hearing provides crystal-clear speech with an incredible immersive soundtrack in any setting.

Signia AX is made possible by Signia's revolutionary Augmented Xperience (AX) technology. As in 3D movies, only the most essential elements are shown before you, while the rest fades away. This is possible because Signia has two distinct processors for the first time: one for sounds in focus and the other for the surroundings.


Active Pro

The groundbreaking Signia Active Pro rechargeable earphones have created a whole new class in the hearing market. They offer top-level prescription audio with the convenience of an easy-to-wear audio gadget, thanks to their sleek, high-tech appearance.

Standard hearables or amplifiers are inferior to Signia Active Pro earphones because the Active Pro is specially tuned to each wearer, whereas regular hearables typically increase all sound.



Everyone is unique. And depending on where they are and what they are doing, everyone has a different hearing experience. Because they understand every acoustic environment, the groundbreaking Signia X hearing aids are a game-changer. They're the first hearing aids that use Signia's Xperience technology, which constantly analyzes your particular hearing environment in greater detail than ever before to deliver sound that's perfectly matched to you.


Motion X

The Signia Motion X rechargeable BTE hearing aids are the perfect choice for people who want to perform at their best. Signia Motion X comes with all of the power, modern features, and support you'll need to shine.

Motion X hearing aids include cutting-edge sensor technology that detects whether you are moving or not, allowing you to hear everything that is going on around you while you go about your day.

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