Resound Hearing Aids

Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound knows that, just like your fingerprint, your hearing is one of a kind. They develop their technology with that in mind, ensuring that their hearing aids work with you, not the other way around.

ReSound follows the Organic Hearing Philosophy, helping you to connect with the world around you in a way that feels completely intuitive and natural. Their goal is to create hearing solutions that complement your ear anatomy to deliver sounds more naturally to your brain. That means your brain doesn’t have to work as hard to understand what’s being said, which translates to a better memory of what you hear and a more effortless, natural experience of hearing.

Part of Organic Hearing means that you have control over the sounds you want to hear. The hearing aids pick up the full picture of environmental sound, then you can select which sounds you want to hear, and minimize the ones you don’t.

ReSound has a long history of innovation, going back to 1988’s milestone “Multi-band Wide Dynamic Range Compression,” which helped to augment hearing without causing further hearing damage. Today, ReSound continues to push the boundaries of what is thought possible in hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aids

Resound Hearing Aids

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE is the world’s first M&IE hearing aid. M&IE stands for “Microphone-and-Receiver-In-Ear.” Similar to a RIC (receiver-in-canal) design, M&IE is different in that it places an extra microphone at the receiver, using your ear’s natural shape to help with sound localization and provide a more natural sound.

ONE uses a total of four microphones (two on each hearing aid) to allow the hearing aids to achieve a vastly better understanding of the environment. This makes features that incorporate directionality much more lifelike and accurate.

The Ultra Focus feature can be activated in challenging listening environments to focus on only the sound that is directly in front of you. You’ll be able to easily have a one-on-one conversation, even when there is a lot of background noise.

Our outer ears help give us clues as to where sound is coming from. By slightly changing the tone of incoming sound, our pinna (the part of the ear that is visible on the outside of the head) helps us understand whether sound is coming from in front or behind, above or below. Other BTE (behind-the-ear) and RIC hearing aids place the microphone on the body of the hearing aid, behind the ear. ONE’s additional microphone on the receiver allows you to use the shape of your ear to hear sound just the way your brain expects.

The M&IE design also has the advantage of significantly reducing wind noise when you’re walking outdoors. This makes taking in the air much more pleasurable, and helps ensure that you can lead the lifestyle you want!

ONE’s smartphone app is fully-featured to allow program and volume adjustments, and even remote care via ReSound Assist Live video calls. Your audiologist can adjust your programming wherever you find yourself, so you don’t need to visit the office for fitment tweaks.

ReSound also offers a range of accessories to help you hear better in every situation. Wireless microphones are available, as well as a TV streamer and premium charger for rechargeable models.


LiNX Quattro

LiNX Quattro offers clarity in the finer details in a range of body styles, including RIC, BTE, and ITE (in-the-ear). A smart app gives you control over your preferred audio settings in every situation, and rechargeability is an option for RIC and BTE models. LiNX Quattro hearing aids connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth devices to stream audio content from phone calls, media, and more, even to discreet, custom body styles. And the accompanying app allows you to receive fine-tuning adjustments from your audiologist from wherever you happen to be, without visiting the office. Rechargeable models offer a full day of power on a single charge, even with streaming engaged.


Other Models

ReSound offers a hearing aid for every lifestyle and hearing need.

The Key series is a great entry-level hearing aid. They’ll provide the confidence and guidance to grow your hearing experience day by day.

The ENZO Q is a powerful hearing aid that provides clear, detailed, comfortable sound for even profound hearing loss. ENZO Q also makes a great accompaniment to cochlear implants.

Talk to your audiologist about which ReSound hearing aids might be right for you!

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