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Oticon, one of the world's most successful hearing aid manufacturers, has produced high-quality hearing aid devices for persons with hearing loss for over a century.

"People first" is their tagline, and it expresses precisely what motivates them to push ahead. The Danish company is known for its unobtrusive and well-designed hearing aids that employ cutting-edge technology.

Age, processing capacity, listening environment, previous hearing aid experience, and personal choice are all considered when developing Oticon products, resulting in a highly tailored fit and an outstanding hearing experience for a wide range of users.

Oticon raises hearing aid design standards through its research at the Ericksholm Research Institute.


Oticon started from a man and his mission to help his wife live her best life. Hans Demant went from Denmark to England to purchase a hearing aid for his hard-of-hearing wife. After supplying others who needed hearing aids, Hans Demant started importing and selling the first hearing aids to Denmark.

His son William took over the business in 1910. Because he couldn't export finished Oticon hearing aids from England due to World Wars and the Great Depression, he began importing half-finished versions and finishing them in Denmark.

The company is now one of the most successful hearing aid manufacturers globally. Here are some of the well-known technologies for which they are well-known.

Notable Technology

Hearing aids from Oticon use some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

oticon hearing aids

Velox Processing Platform: By combining a more powerful chipset with updated sound processing software, Velox offers considerable enhancements over previous platforms. Velox enables 50 times faster data processing for external sound analysis and balance, making it easier to follow rapidly shifting conversations in public spaces. It detects, analyzes, and responds to its immediate environment more than 100 times per second, assisting the OpenSound Navigator program in balancing speech sources and removing noise in your environment.

BrainHearing: This technology compensates for the challenges associated with hearing loss by preserving natural sound processes in the brain and allowing both ears to collaborate to detect where the sounds originate. BrainHearing's technology allows you to concentrate on the sounds that surround you. Speech is prioritized above other sounds to aid the wearer in distinguishing speech from background noise. Individual settings can be programmed into BrainHearing hearing devices to match specific preferences. As a result, hearing becomes more enjoyable.

Hearing Aids

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Oticon More

The Oticon More is the first hearing aid released on Oticon's new Polaris platform. It builds on the success of its predecessor, the OPN S, which was awarded one of the best hearing aids of the year in 2020.

The Oticon More hearing aid is the first to deploy a Deep Neural Network (DNN) on its chip. This artificial intelligence ensures that you will always hear the finer details of the noises around you.

MoreSound Intelligence (MSI) improves the interpretation of sounds and works in any listening scenario. MSI scans the soundscape 500 times per second, gathering the sound scene's deep nuances and processing them with more great contrast, balance, and clarity than ever before.

The Oticon More was designed to mimic sound processing because the human brain is the gold standard for sound processing. Oticon More employs BrainHearing technology to provide the brain with the tools it requires to understand sound better.

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Oticon Opn S

Thanks to the Velox S platform, this model improves on the previous generation (Opn) with substantially faster sound processing. These enhancements combine speech comprehension with normal hearing abilities.

One of the most recent developments in the OpenSound Optimizer technology. This permits the Opn to provide up to 30% more speech signals to the brain. This means you can up the gain by up to six decibels without worrying about feedback.

The Opn S is intended explicitly for Apple devices, allowing them to stream video directly. Other smartphones can be connected using the ConnectClip attachment.

The Opn miniRITE R is a rechargeable hearing aid that may last a full day with just one overnight charge.

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